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How t-shirts changed the world

January 24, 2012 Tom Burtingdon

Who can forget the iconic Che Guevara shirts or the simple “Flash” T-shirt that Freddy Mercury wore during his concerts? Nobody can say that they don’t know what a t-shirt is and that they never wore one! Perhaps,  t-shirts are the most sold piece of designer’s clothing ever! However, things was never always like this!  So, if you want to know how t-shirts changed the world, then read on! The “Classic” t-shirt definition and a bit of history Your basic t-shirt is defined by being usually cotton made and knit together in a jersey stitch to make it really soft...

The History of Men’s Suit's

November 03, 2011 Tom Burtingdon

Today, the suit is something that we wear on formal occasions, when we go to work, or simply when we want to dress pretty and show off. While for some men wearing a suit is something that only happens once in a while, for other men, suits are not only a necessity, but a hobby. But, the question is, did you ever wonder where it all started? How old is the suit? How it became what it is today? Well, there are some things in the history of the suit that might surprise you – and that without any doubt...