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October 06, 2013 Tom Burtingdon

Dear retailers.

Here on this article you will understand about dropshipping and how it can benefit your company if you would like to build your turnover and to increase categories and products on your drop down menus. 

With more items and wider variety of menswear on your website, the customers will have a reason to come back and buy, 

To dropship our products with a higher profit we have a 25% off coupon code for you. Use the code on checkout.

Your coupon code: 25dropship. ( All Voucher codes are NOT ACTIVE during % Off sales of any items on the Romeo And Revenge Website) Currently we are running a 40% off sale so you can mark the prices up accordingly.

Email us at if you need any advice or help. 

Some Helpful notes to get you started.

We won't add any receipt  inside any parcel so the buyer won't know that you received the commission from the sale with the deducted price. 

Shipping if free to UK Customers and £6.95 to customers worldwide. 

We ship to all countries worldwide.

Try and add a different description, title etc so you have unique search engine optimization.

If you don't then you can copy ours but it's best you don't.

If you have a shopify store then email us at we can send you the file to upload our products to your store which will save you time or if you need any advice or help then ask away.

If you want your customer to ship the item back to us for an exchange or refund you can give them our returns form with your business name attached to it. You can do this by editing the name on the form to your company name.

Your order number (when you purchased on the website) will need to put on the returns form address part.




(Your company name) (returns) (order number)

Our address......


After you have added the products to your store it would be good to hear from you. Send us your domain url. 

and....Good luck with the selling.

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