Men's Designer t-shirts buying guide

March 31, 2013 Tom Burtingdon


Today, men’s designer clothing is much appreciated, and designer t shirts make no exception. After all, today, men have more tees than ever, because you can wear them pretty much anywhere if you know how to make them match your mens style. So, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you buy great designer t shirts:

1. Look at the materials

The materials are extremely important and will tell you whether the designer t shirts that you want to buy are going to last a long time, or, they’ll be worn out by the time the season ends. Whether or not you want something that you can wear next year or you want something to only wear this season is entirely up to you. However, when you’re buying men’s clothes that you’re only going to wear one season, it’s our recommendation that you don’t buy the most expensive designer clothes, unless you have a very deep pocket. Of course, being trendy is great, but, spending money on clothes that you’re only going to wear a couple of times is not a sound investment.

So, how about those materials? Well, ideally, the t-shirts should be made out of cotton and polyester. The ideal proportion is 90-10, meaning 90% cotton and 10% polyester. If the proportion in polyester higher, then the clothes will lead to overheating, sweating and they’ll instantly start to smell – and we mean that nasty sweat smell.

2. Make sure that the designer t shirts fit you right

To see if it’s the right fit, a t-shirts seam’s needs to start right below your armpit and surround your shoulder nicely, in a straight line. If the line is too much towards your neck, and it makes your shoulders pop out too much, then the tee is too small. If the seam seems to fall off your shoulder, then it means that the tee is too large. You also want your tees to be the right length. This means that when you raise your arms up in the air, the t-shirt shouldn’t leave your belly outside, and that, at the same time, the tee is should be short enough not to cover all of your butt or make funny creases around your belly because it’s fit around the waist.

3. Always look for opportunities

You don’t necessarily need to buy your designer t shirts from the store. Usually, they cost more. If you’re a savvy buyer, then you should go online and check to see the great deals that many online shops have to offer. Of course, keep an eye opened for sales and promotions and discount codes. You can even see if you can’t find the t-shirt on ebay or other sites. You can dress nice without spending too much money, if you know where to look and what to look for.

4. Don’t pay for the brand!

No matter if the designer t-shirt is Gucci or Armani, sometimes the quality is so low, that you’re better off with any another t-shirt. Always look for designer t-shirts that are high quality and don’t pay for the brand. There are tons of designers that have lots of nice and high quality tees at affordable prices. 

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