Men’s Geordie Shore Clothing Review 2014

March 22, 2013 Tom Burtingdon


Men’s Geordie Shore Clothing Review

Geordie Shore is a very popular show and has a huge following of adoring fans. The labels that are adorned by the actors are highly fashionable and are being stocked by many clothing stores. The men’s Geordie Shore clothing is very appealing to many fans of the show and is available on sale for those who wish to look fashionable.

The red t-shirt

The season 4 episode of the show presented this smart new look that Gary had on. This t-shirt has two varieties that you can choose from. The first version is the alluring type of a neck with a deep scoop in a V shape. The t-shirt also has a print out on the back that states ‘Honor is my life’.

The second version that is just as appealing as the first has a scoop that is smaller. It also has a graphic printing on the back that is much larger than the first.

This t-shirt was the type that was worn by Gary in the show. These t-shits can be bought from various clothing stores and the prices can range from £30 to over £50. However the £50 price tag is an over pricing that seeks to cash in on the popularity of the show.

With a little bit of Luck t-shirt

With A Little Bit Of Luck T Shirt is another t-shirt that was worn in the show. This t-shit can be bought at prices of about £20.

The t-shirt – ‘Well Behaved’

This t-shirt is completely red in color. It has a printed graphic piece on the front which is an image of girl. It also has a catchy slogan that any enthusiast of the men’s Geordie Shore clothing would like to have. The price of this t-shirt is much higher than those of the other t-shirts. It can be bought at the price of about £29. For someone who is keen on fashionable clothing, this would just be a small price to pay for the true value of the item.

The t-Shirt – ‘I Loved You’

For this t-shirt, it features simply the words, ‘I Loved You’. All these are fashion clothes that are worn on the show by such well known actors as Gaz, Ricci, James, Scott and Dan. They represent the fashion icons for those who are enthusiasts of the show and the men’s Geordie Shore clothing.

The t-shit – ‘you’re cute’

This t-Shirt featured in the autumn/ winter season of the show in 2012. It is definitely a unique and very appealing fashion item that any fashion conscious man should have.

The t-shit – ‘I love (heart) sluts’

This t-shirt has graphic on the front that bears the words, ‘I love sluts’. It also has the heart shaped graphic image on top of this. This is among the new and current collections of the men’s Geordie Shore clothing. You can get your hands on this fancy item for about £22 from particular clothing stores or at the price of £35 for those who do not mind paying extra.

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