How to wear your Deep V T-shirts

April 06, 2012 Tom Burtingdon

It’s needless to say that if you like V-neck t-shirts, you might have something against the Deep V t-shirts for men. Then again, they got the name “Douchebag T-shirt”. So, how can you wear a Deep V t-shirt in style without looking like you’re showing off or you have a really bad taste in style? Well, there are a couple of things you can do.  But, first, let’s make sure you choose the right Deep V t-shirt. 

How to buy your Deep V T-shirts 
Deep V T-shirts are for those who want to show their “buffness” and hence, if you’re going to show how much  time you spent in the gym working on those pectoral muscles, then, you should really get a V-neck that’s tight! That’s no joke! Go for one that really lets everybody see your body. 
In terms of price and materials, well, you can go for a low price, but at least make sure that you’ll get a Deep V shirt that’s not 100% polyester, because tight clothes + polyester = stink. And we all know that you won’t be wearing that Deep V all the time and that you’ll save it for when you go out clubbing or partying, where you automatically sweat more than usual. So, make sure your Deep V is at least 50% cotton! 
How to wear your Deep V T-Shirts
In order to look less “douchey” then it’s recommended that you don’t go for a very deep V neck, as that will simply look ridiculous – unless you’re planning on walking on a catwalk or you’re living on the coast where it’s sunny all the time(and in that case we’d recommend a loose deep-v and some shorts to give you that surfer-boy look). 
You can accessorize your deep V t-shirts with some necklaces, but make sure they’re hippie ones, not all gold or silver or platinum. A nice necklace that goes down to half the length of the V will take some of the deepness away from the V giving you not a douchey but a stylish look. 
Another idea is to accessorize your deep-V t-shirt with a scarf, as that’s going to give you a more romantic and artsy look. 
Where to wear Deep V T-shirts 
Unless you want to look like a fool or someone who’s showing off, then wear the Deep V T-shirts only in several locations. Two, to be more precise: clubbing and the beach. Any other locations will make you look like the poser and that’s not something that you want, no matter how much you worked your body or how much you want everybody to see that you have really nice pecks!
At the same time, if you’re not very muscular and your chest is as flat as a board, then save yourself the hassle of buying a deep V! Or if you buy one, make sure that you’re going to buff before wearing it! 

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