How to wear scoop neck t-shirts

April 06, 2012 Tom Burtingdon

So, you’re thinking of buying a scoop neck t-shirt and you want to make sure that you’re going to look good wearing it. Fashion and being fashionable are two different things. You should always keep these things in mind. You can buy the latest fashion clothing and you can look utterly un-fashionable wearing it! So, if you’re looking to know how to wear scoop neck t-shirts so that everybody will know you for a man with an impeccable taste in clothing and with a flawless style, then you’re in the right place! 

Fashionable and everlasting designs
Now, there are two different types of t-shirts, no matter if we’re talking V neck, Scoop neck, deep neck, or “wife beater” t-shirts. There are the ones that are “fashionable” today and those that have this never out of style design. So, there are a few things to discuss about the first category, but let’s talk about the never out of style t-shirts because there’s less to be said. 
If you’re looking to buy a scoop neck t-shirt that will never go out of style and you can accessorize with everything, then go for plain colours. White and black are your best choices. At the same time, go for high quality fabrics and nice stitches because you’re going to hold on to them quite a lot.  It’s a good idea to pay a bit more for these, no matter if we’re talking designer or not – if you want to wear them for years and years, then better pay up a bit as it’s going to save you a lot of bad t-shirts! 
Tips on being fashionable when wearing fashionable scoop necks 
As you know there are a couple of things that you need to consider when buying something that’s in the latest trends.  Scoop neck t-shirts of today are designed to make an impact, and they are going to be your fashion statement. In this case, there are a few things you need to do when wearing scoop neck t-shirts if you want to look the look: 
Go baggy – these types of t-shirts really DON’T  have to fit snugly around your body! If you go for something that’s slightly loose you’re going to look more cool and relaxed – plus, if you’re packing a few extra pounds, it’s easy not to make a fool out of yourself wearing something that’s too tight!
Accessorize – to show your individual style you can either go for a scarf – if you want the arty look – or you can go for some long necklaces combined with shorter ones, just like Johnny Deep does. Add a bandanna wrapper around your arm or a few leather bracelets and you have yourself a killer macho look! 
Don’t be afraid to show some hair – if you’re having a hairy chest, then it’s great,  you don’t have to wax it to wear scoop neck t-shirts. Perhaps trimming is in order if you’re looking like Austin Powers, but try to stick to a natural manly look all the way!

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