Scoop Neck T-shirts....Wear them with pride

March 31, 2012 Tom Burtingdon

 Men’s scoop neck T-shirts are shirts with a lower than normal neckline, which can  show a bit of chest. The style can vary from a modest neckline to one that falls below the standard crew neck T-shirt. Some scoops can be deep to show off even more of the chest. A neckline that is quite deep is referred to as a deep V shirt. These shirts are made with high quality lightweight cotton so they are comfortable.  These shirts look amazing on men that are physically fit. These shirts are made in a variety of colours but white, black and grey are the most popular. Designs and patterns are also quite common.

Wearing These Shirts
These shirts have a casual style about them but they can be worn almost anywhere. You can wear them out to dinner with friends or just over some coffee at your local café. If you want to spend the weekend out clubbing the scoop neck T-shirt is a great option to wear. If you want to be more daring and reveal more, you can go with the full V style. These shirts make an excellent clubbing shirt because you’ll stay comfortable whether just chatting with friends or out on the dance floor all night. After the club you’ll be all set to go to the next party in style.
Show Hair – If you have chest hair you should show it with these shirts for a natural look. Shaving your chest hair isn’t recommended when using this style. These shirts are meant to show masculine features.
Baggy is Fine – Men’s scoop neck T-shirts don’t need to be fitted to your body you can go with a baggy look as well. You’ll look more relaxed if the shirt is loose fitting while being uncomfortable if it’s too tight. Accessories with the shirt are fine such as a scarfs or a necklace for individuality.
Keep it Simple –these shirts are best when you use plain colours like black or grey although some might want a pattern on their shirt.
Different Looks – You can use the shirt for different looks such as a rough style with a jean jacket or similar style. You can make it your own and let your personality shine through with the shirt.
A Shirt with Many Looks
Scoop and V cut shirts have many uses and they look amazing when done correctly.  Wear them to the club, or out to dinner and show off your style in these comfortable and casual T-shirts. They have so much more to offer than that plain old T-shirt. Gets some style with scoop T-Shirts or go daring with the V cut.

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