How to cure a hangover right now! Hangover cures.

January 31, 2014 Tom Burtingdon

Hangover cures (that actually work!)
By Tom Burtington.
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I would like to start off by saying that I have never been a heavy drinker, and have only experienced a few hangovers in my lifetime.  I also believe that the only real way to prevent the inevitable hangover that comes with a night of drinking is to consume in moderation.  Having said that there are a number of remedies that I have found to be quite effective, either by themselves, or when combined with another.  
If you have ever tried traditional methods of curing/preventing hangovers then you know that most of them either don't work, or still leave you virtually zombi-fied.  I have conducted research, which involves either myself or a friend/relative of mine utilizing the remedy/technique.  The results that I found were very interesting, and should be a game-changer for frat boys everywhere.
First, let us revisit the cure it seems is as old as alcohol itself,  hair of the dog.  I have personally tried this remedy, and although it does slightly help relieve the symptoms of a hangover, the amount of relief is just not worth it.  Also, it is very unconventional for those of us with day-jobs we have to drive to.  Additionally, alcohol is toxic as well as being a dehydrator, so using it to help cure anything makes very little sense.
The next remedy I chose to test was one I was talked into trying by a friend.  He told me to take 2 multi-vitamins, one before drinking, and one in the morning.  It sounded like a solid plan, ideally the process would help prevent severe dehydration, as well as re-supply all of the nutrients lost throughout the course of the night.  I was pleased to find that this method worked quite well, though not without it's problems.  I did awake with a very slight hangover, however, once I ingested the vitamins and they took effect the grogginess faded fast.  The only real trouble I experienced was the effect the vitamin/alcohol mix had on my stomach, which was significantly more bothersome than if I had taken the vitamins by themselves.
I have also heard of people treating hangovers by performing calisthenic exercises right away in the morning.  I did try this approach, though it was extremely difficult for me to work up the motivation to get out of bed, let alone bend & twist vigorously.  I performed various stretches and breathing routines for about 15-20 minutes, which was what I had been told was a good amount of time.  The results were minimal, if noticeable at all.  I did feel slightly more energetic, but the migraine and general body aches were still very prevalent.  Overall I would say this method could be effective if combined with one or more of the others in this article.
During my extensive research I also found an over-the-counter remedy that you can procure from most health food stores, along with a myriad of other establishes (e.g. Wal-mart, CVS).  It is made using the extract of a prickly pear cactus.  This method is 100% organic and is actually very healthy for  you.  It comes in either a pill/capsule form or in a concentrated juice drink, I chose the latter.  This time the hangover was particularly volatile, so I drank the juice immediately after waking up.  The effects were amazing, this has the potential to be the cure of all cures for hangovers.  It worked for me within 10-15 minutes of drinking the juice, which actually tasted quite good and was very refreshing.
In conclusion, there are quite a few different cures/treatments out there for the modern-man's hangover, but I feel that prickly-pear extract is definitely the best way to go.  It is both affordable and available, and kicked my hangover to the curb. But on another note. The best hangover ''prevention'' cure is 2 drink 2 pints of water before you sleep. (that's if your not to wasted and end up falling on your couch as you misserebaly pass out)

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