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January 29, 2014 Tom Burtingdon

There was a time when the t-shirt was simply a must have basic for the male wardrobe. Generally hidden under designer sweaters or blazers, the t-shirt was an unexciting and uninteresting necessity. However those days are long gone. Summer 2013 saw the rise of the statement t-shirt. And looking at the fashion for spring 2014, the t-shirt will continue to reign. So if your not yet in on the act, have a look at just how to wear the must have t-shirts for 2014.


Statement T-Shirts


So called statement t-shirts are designed to do just that, make a statement. Some do it in a more literal sense with political statements and rhetorical jokes printed across the chest. Others are perhaps designed to be reflective on an individuals style. However or whichever style you choose, one thing remains the same, the t-shirt is designed to grab attention. Not for the wallflower these t-shirts scream “look at me” and so you need to select a style which you feel comfortable wearing. 


Let’s get graphic


The graphic t-shirt is ideal in summer climates, as you can make a bold style statement without lots of layers. Which type of graphic you decide on is down to personal preference.  As with most trends, the t-shirt craze was started off on the catwalks of Milan, Paris and Rome. Alexander McQueen’s iconic skull print has been imitated by many of the high street brands and remains a firm fashion favourite. The overall look is rock and roll and should be paired with black jeans and other gothic inspired accessories.

For a more subtle look opt for repeated patterns or aztec inspired designs. 


Be Bold.


If your not easily convinced when it comes to crazy patterns or t-shirts emblazoned with famous city skylines then convey your statement with a bold colour. Look at the colours of the season ( for Spring 2014 think electric blue) and brighten up your existing wardrobe with a simple but bright t-shirt. The perfect way to inject life into a tired outfit.


Think about fit.


Selecting your statement t-shirt is not simply a matter of finding a print or graphic that you love. You also need to consider fit. We are not all blessed with a ripped washboard so think carefully about a style which is going to suit your figure. Remember, in life you get what you pay for so cheap as chips t-shirts may not be the best fit. Be prepared to invest just that little bit more and look just that little bit better. And the same applies to those blessed with the perfect beach body. Consider how the t-shirt fits over large shoulder muscles and does this complement the rest of the body? Some online brands cater specifically for the triangular body shape so do your research carefully.




As always the devil is in the detail. A t-shirt which has a great graphic pattern and fits perfectly will only look at its best when paired with the correct accessories. To ensure your chosen t-shirt stands out, keep everything else fairly simple. Stick with the rule that less is more. Keep the footwear simple with black trainers or Chelsea boots. If you prefer a more upmarket styling then reach for some tasseled loafers. Loafers will give a preppy edge to your appearance so your statement t-shirt will work equally well in Camden as it will in Mayfair! Whatever your statement style, ensure you wear it with confidence and your bound to be looking good.

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