Look after the pennies!

January 29, 2014 Tom Burtingdon

In these austere times everybody is getting that little bit more thrifty when it comes to pounds, shilling and pence. We have said goodbye to the frivolity of the nineties and embraced a new era of make do and mend. No longer do we throw out last years t-shirt but instead we re-invent it with a new blazer or bomber jacket. Therefore when it comes to your Spring 2014 wardrobe you may be reluctant to splash the cash. The good news is that even high end fashion companies are not immune to the odd bit of penny pinching and that is reflected in their designs. Many of the runway collections feature trends from the previous seasons, allowing us to keep wearing what we already have. And of course you can always rely on the high street to copy the new must have t-shirt, blazer or trousers to make it affordable for those of us with a limited disposable income. So if you want to dress for less this season but are not willing to compromise on trend, here are some thrifty tips for looking after your purse whilst remaining in style. 


Keep wearing it.


There are many wardrobe staples which you can keep wearing long into the Spring. All your basic t-shirts, jeans, shirts and jumpers can be paired with an item straight from the New York Fashion week and your look will be brought bang up to date. Combine plain t-shirts with a high street bomber jacket for an understated and sporty look. Alternatively smarten up your style with a bang on trend double breasted blazer. The double breasted blazer was a big hit at all the major European fashion shows and the high street shops have got in on the act with prices starting from as little as £65.00!!!!


Colour, Colour, Colour


Hopefully you will have many design classics in your wardrobe which can be worn year after year. For example a trusty trench coat never tends to date and a simple t-shirt can be worn again and again. Bring these looks up to date for Spring 2014 by pairing with the colour or pattern of the season. Think electric blue trousers, flowered print t-shirts and pastel coloured blazers.


Spring Clean 


Before you set off on a Spring shopping spree it is advisable to spring clean your wardrobe. You may find a forgotten t-shirt or jumper which will work brilliantly with this years fashions. If there are items you never wear consider visiting a swap shop or give them to charity.


 Hit the shops carefully.


If you are about to hit the shops then there are a few simple rules which can prevent you from breaking the bank. Firstly always make sure to set yourself a budget. If you might be tempted to splurge out using a credit card then perhaps leave the card at home and take cash only. Whether you are shopping online or on the high street you should always look at the clearance sections first. You will be surprised at the bargains which lurk on unorganizsed sale rails so take the time to look. And if you don’t like rummaging then look online where the clearance sections tend to be easier to navigate. Also remember to frequently check out outlet stores, especially if your looking for a classic item.

Say no to impulse buying.

And finally don’t be tempted to buy on impulse. Whilst the latest fashions look great on the catwalk or magazines think carefully about if or when you will wear it. If your not entirely sure you will 

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