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Jaded Blue Plain Deep V T-Shirt

Jaded Blue Plain Deep V T-Shirt

This jade blue t-shirt will leave you anything but jaded. High stretch cotton and a wide scoop neck make this shirt as comfortable as it is stylish. The embroidered logo on the chest shines in gold stitching. For a form fitting look perfect for going out or taking it easy, this deep scoop shirt will be your instant go-to.


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 About Romeo & Revenge London

Shakespeare's Romeo caught Juliet's eye across a crowded ball. With just one glimpse, he commanded her attention and a story of desire and romance to be told again and again throughout the ages began. The Bard chose the name of his doomed hero from the Italian form of the Latin word "Romanus." In the times of Ancient Rome when advanced civilization had just begun to emerge, the name indicated that one was a citizen of Rome.

Romeo & Revenge draws inspiration both from our namesake hero and the Latin roots of his name. 

With just one glimpse, our apparel captures the eye, and the fine quality fabrics and skilled tailoring featured in our collections combine with our unique style to form the perfect fashions for wherever your life story takes you. 

Based in the UK, Romeo & Revenge creates fashions for citizens of the world. Timeless in its origins, but modern in its details, our line of menswear is comfortable and always on the cutting edge of what's new in fashion.